About Kim

About Kim

Inside Order was founded in 2006 by home organiser Kim Medlin. Kim’s background is varied – from a custom made curtain and blind coordinator, to a gymnastic coach, as well as a nanny. Kim has a certificate of Graduation from the Sheffield’s School of Interior Design, based in New York.

Having two school-aged boys, Kim is truly aware of how little time can be left to maintain an organised home. Growing up, Kim was the eldest of 5 children and tells how she used to be the one to sort all the other children’s belongings throughout the house and get them to put their things away.


Kim comes from a family with a mother who still has some of her baby clothes and old toys,
which is how she learned to appreciate the sentimental aspect of the purge.

“There are some things worth keeping; you just have to know how to keep them and when to let go.”

Kim has a natural talent for having things in order and has an eye for cleanliness and what looks good.